Perris Fury 2006

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The sport of 4-Way FS is booming. Intermediate teams are averaging in the teens and the top 6 Open class teams are posting over 20. Teams at all levels have excelled beyond what was imaginable only a few years ago.

If you have a passion for 4-way and believe that with the right team and training opportunity you are capable of being a World Champion than this post is for you.

The PERRIS FURY 4-WAY team is planning for 2006. FURY started training in February, 2005. The team made up of Christy Frikken, Josh Hall, Uli Stuwe and Karen Lewis on video were jumping primarily with World Champion Mark Kirkby. Dan BC was the alternate during the year and planned to compete at the Nationals with them.

In 2004 the members of Perris Fury had been on different Perris teams that averaged from 11 to 15. With Perris Valley's support and access to one of the finest training centers in the world Fury excelled at an unheard of pace. At the 2005 SSL Meets our average went from 16 in March to 18 in April to 19 in June.

In 2006 we want to take it to the next level. Christy, Josh, Uli and Lew are returning with Dan BC as coach. We are looking for a highly motivated 4-way maniac to join us. Previous competition experience is preferred but not required. Most importantly we want a teammate that is committed to the team, loves it as much as we do and will put 110% into every part of the training.

If you can't live without 4-way and are ready to commit to a team that is going to be training and working full time at Perris Valley than we should talk more, and NOW.

We are ready to get started. Contact Dan BC by October 1, at:


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If you don't try out for this team you are going to miss something special. With the right team mate they will be doing 20's next year and you will kick yourself in the Arse for not at least trying.

Good luck next year Crispy Chicken!!!!!!!! You are one of my hero's.

She isn't kidding about the commitment of this team. They are poor hungry skydivers and will win a medal in the open class you watch and see.

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Any chance for an Italian guy?
I have been in Perris, and I love this place.
I spent most of my last training in the tunnel with the Airspeed and the last one hour with the Majiks.

But...I dont' have that ***king green card...

Blue skies Fury and have a GREAT season!


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You guys did really well. Your scoring progression was great.

You might want to post what the teams goals are: Jump #'s, tunnel time, training plan (weekends, week on-week off...ect) Avg goal, number of years commitment....Ect.

This would help many people decide if they/you have the same goals and ability to meet those goals.

Just a thought that I think would help.

Good luck, I am sure you folks will rock.

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." -- Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

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