New Two Way Skills Camp Dates at Perris Valley Skydiving

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For all of you just starting out in the sport, are you interested in getting invited in on hot skydives???
Do you want to stop jumping alone and start having fun with others?
Ever wonder how the really great skydivers, like Airspeed, got to be as good as they are? They first started out learning their skills by making two way skydives! Would you like to one day be a world class skydiver? Would you like to be making hot skydives? Hone your basic skills and learn the essentials of formation skydiving by attending our series of free 2 way skills camps. As you attend the camps, we'll take you beyond learning the basic skills, help you develop and hone your advanced skills and bring you to the moment where you will make the best skydive of your life and you'll never want to look back! And that's a promise!

The camp is FREE and focuses on elements such as body position, exits, advanced techniques for turns and other movements, along with other RW fundamentals.
We have wind tunnel coaching available also. Tunnel time must be paid for and coaching has to be scheduled for time outside of the camp.

At the 2004 Nationals there were 3 teams in the 4 Way Intermediate divison made up of skydivers from last years 2 Way Skills Camp as well as other skydivers from previous years camps that are now competing in the Advanced division

Where: Perris Valley Skydiving

November: 13th and 20th

December: 4th, 12th and 18th

January: 15th, 23rd and 29th

February: 6th, 12th, 20, 26th

January and February dates subject to change
The camp starts at 8:00 am and we meet by the memorial fountain.
Please plan on making 5 jumps for the day.

Even if you don't have your A license yet, you can come to the camp and someone with a coaches rating will jump with you.

For any questions contact Michael James at: [email protected] or visit the Perris Valley Skydiving web site.

" Do you want to be Better.....or do you want to be Good?"

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Hey guys! Mj is really helping people with this camp. I see him every weekend (well almost every weekend) at Perris working with people and really helping them out.

Great camp and it's free. For those of you that want to learn good basic 4 way skills. Get those exits down and learn some more advanced flying this is the camp for you.

I always here people say how coaching is expensive (it is!) and ya can't afford it. Here is a very experienced jumper that dedicates most of his time to giving free coaching and advice to newbies. You asked for it and now you have it. Take advantage of the offer.

Keep it up MJ.

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January: 15th, 23rd and 29th

January and February dates subject to change


Does anyone know if the dates for the January 2-way camp have been firmed up yet? My husband and I will be on vacation in Perris from Jan 14th through the 25th and we would really like to attend one or both of the camps.


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BE cool if someone started somethin like that at Cross Keys :-)

That would be awesome. I need it bad.
I'm going there when Heath returns: canopy classes.
My RW needs more work that I care to mention.
(so many light weight people, I gotta slim down)
If I could be a Super Hero,
I chose to be: "GRANT-A-CLAUS". and work 365 days a Year.

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I just found out about this skills camp a couple of weeks ago when some of the Perris LOs caught me solo jumping, conned me into going on some bigger ways with them (which were great, but beyond my skill), and pointed me in MJ's direction.

This skills camp is incredible. First, it's FREE!!!! Unbelievable! Thanks MJ and Dan BC! After getting my A license three years ago, I went in for some paid coaching, but just couldn't justify all the outgoing cash for several jumps a day.

Second, MJ teachs you everything, geared at where you currently are. He's a great teacher, adapting to your personality and working at how best to get you up to your potential. I went in thinking I needed to work on an exit. Working with MJ quickly made me realize how much I need to work on. As a newbie, I'm really starting to learn the basics, correctly! Good body position, tracking, turns, basic exits -- MJ is working with me closely to get this stuff down. And not only down, but down RIGHT, so I'll have a really good foundation of skills to build on. His teaching style is a great mix of encouragement, positive criticism, and FUN.

I can't say enough about this camp. I've attended for the last two weeks, and was able to get 11 total coached jumps so far, in addition to watching lots of good video of how to do it right, creeping, practice exits, and general instruction. I have definitely improved (but still have a long way to go). I plan on going as often as I can (well, vacation takes precedence...). It will definitely give me the confidence and skills to go jump with the LOs on bigger ways or explore 4-way jumps.

For all you new divers like me, get signed up. If you just got your A license, get signed up. If you think you've got it all down, jump with MJ and prove it! I can't think of a faster way to get your skills developed, and to really enjoy it during the process.

If you're in the Perris area and have any two-way or four-way coaching needs, this skills camp is tailor made.

Cheers, Kent

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