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Please chech out www.airtheatre.com

Just have to somecome to Slovenia, Bovec for a week of paid jumps. Some 30 or so. Also Hotel and food is for free. O.K. paid by organizer.

I'm puting all EU 25-way formation together. Missing skydivers from:
Austria, Cyprus, France, Malata, Netherlands, Luxenbourg, Spain and Portugal

If you are interested contact formation leader Jaka Benedik on [email protected]
just jump

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Where are you guys from France and Austria.

Man the country with so many skydivers and they can't send one single skydiver to make at least 10 free jumps. >:(

that's just plain stupid!!!

Not to mention Austria which is our neighbor. Skydivers should stick together no matter the nationality. We shouldn't let politics get in our way !!! Or whatever the reason is they're not coming!!!

Read more at http://www.airtheatre.com/default.asp?l=3

Malta and Portugal are also still missing.

P.s.: You still have about 24 hrs to e-mail Jaka at [email protected] .
"George just lucky i guess!"

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hi jaka, thank you for the invitation again. this week was great! jumping with you and all the others out of the helicopters was so amazing B|
say also many thanks to all of your team.
you should have received the official bulletin of our president of the german parachute association. to all the 4 nations who missed this event: bad luck for you. the other 21 nations had fun without limit...
see you again in bovec or somewhere.
the air is fair!
greetinx, hajo & sylvia

With sufficient thrust,
pigs just fly well

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