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We're having a bit of troubble exiting a satelite from a tailgate (an-28). People tells us that the satelite should be an easy and stable formation to exit, but we manage to tumble each time.
It's probably just a question of practice, but if someone has some advice to help us along we would be glad to hear.
Videoclips of somebody who does it right would also be great.

We had video on one jump and that helped a lot. We have dirted the exit timing a lot and that seemed to help further.

We do the exit with the two that holds the sidbody to the right and the two holding a hook to the left. Trying to exit almost like a star and let it fold out.

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Maybe try to take it out at more of a 45degree angle, that way the people that are furthest away fron the door are actually closer. Also, those guys need to think more down (through the floor)on the exit, and the guys that are nearest the door need to exit "out" not "down".
Or of course you could have the two way piece exit across the LOF too.
I do think that the way you explained it has a higher probability for a bad exit for the simple fact that the distances needed to travel to get out of the plane are greater.
Just a thought

ps- here is a pic. of the 45degree angle out of a CASA


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Hey Lars!d

Having jumped the An-28 at your club's Dz, and successfully taken out a Sat. with some of the people from the 2 way skills camp, I can tell you it's pretty easy. We launched it a number of times without ever having it funnel.
1. ( the easiest way) Build your sat, with your hook inside the plane facing each other left and right of the plane, with your two people taking the side body grips on the ramp, feet on the edge , backs to the twilight zone. Everyone needs to be nice and tight. Launch the sat, by having your the two people with the side body grips stepping off into the twilight zone and the two people in the hook, sort of falling of sideways and opening up immediately as the two people taking the side body grips pressing the people in the hook up into the sat. build.

For those of you who don't know, in Norway, they call a two way star a "hook".

What happend to you at Ostre? After the Poker Meet you we didn't see you for the rest of the boogie!
Anyway thanks for your positive comments about me in the forums here.
I had heard about people posting comments on the skills camp and just checked in to read them.
There is talk of a boogie for Oslo Fallskjermklubb at Elsinore in March. If it happens, I hope that you will come.

Blue ones,



" Do you want to be Better.....or do you want to be Good?"

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