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There is a lot of posts here talking about speeding up/the base is going to slow/going low...
Going fast is easy once you learn to really arch and have a good body position. B|
What I find much more difficult is to go slow. Even more difficult is going real slow and still have good manuevers and centerpoint turns.
I really suck at slow falling, so that's what I'll want to practise on my next jumps.
I notice how the really good jumpers are just as good no matter the speed, and believe that is a skill everyone should strive to learn. Practise, practise, practise...
I'll try to find somebody to compete at fallrates with. Both slow and fast. Sounds like fun :)

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Me and skycat did this once. Take a protrack and plan half the skydive to go as slow as you possibly can. Then half way through, key it to go as fast as you possibly can. We flew accross from each other and geeked just to add some sillyness to the jump.

It was fun to get down and check the protrack to see what the speed difference was.

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