riding the bull-

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Could anyone give me tips?
Riding the bull from pilatus porter, launch was great-
but then ff funelled, I let go of both leg straps and got in burble above diver I was riding out. Got out of the way as quick as possible receiving a "kick" in the face.:S

eustress. : a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance, and emotional well-being.

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I did a few of these a couple of weekends ago. I was the "bull" and upon exit facing the prob I grabbed the girls legs and assisted her in wrapping them around me tight. We were a little unstable while doing this but as soon as we were off the hill it was fine. I would give a thumbs up when I was doing barrell rolls so she could hold onto my container with both hands when I did them. It was an awesome skydive!;)

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