Difference in riser pressure 2 velos, same size.

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I have 2 velo 103. Dom 03, and 12. Riser pressure much higher on the newer canopy. Harder to get into steep turn recovers sooner. Was there. Change in cut and design during those years? Anyone know? Set up on both rigs is the same. Both fly different. Loding at 1.9- 2.

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Are you positive the line setup is exactly the same? I've often heard people saying that relining a VE as a VC is "no big deal, the lineset is really the only difference" (that's not true, as far as I know, the tail design also changed, but you hear this comment often).
If the older one was relined as a VC, that could explain the difference in riser pressure.

I know (or rather, I should say, I've "heard", since my velos are all old ones) that the fabric material somewhat changed over the years, the old ones have a "reputation" of being done with "thicker" material, but again it's all grapevine talk really, but I don't know about specific design choices.

Just brainstorming, of course. But a "revised" lineset, whether a new version for VE done by PD, or a VC lineset installed at some point, that I don't know, would be my first guess.
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Are the linesets the same? Probably not if there is a difference in riser pressure. I had 2 84's a few years ago. Both were made around the same time and both had roughly the same jumps. When I initially got them they flew completely different. Once i relined them both they flew the same.


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