Diablo 150

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Goal: get into/develop swooping skills.
Question: will doing so create bad habits and/or bad sight picture.

Canopy doesn't go very far, but front riser pressure is very manageable, and is very responsive to harness input, how bad of an idea is it to keep it for the next 200-whatever jumps while working on inducing speed.

I don't care for looking cool and doing mile-long swoops at this point in time which is why I'm considering this.

Yes, I should ask a canopy coach, get a course, etc etc... Not a lot of people know about these canopies, hence my post.

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That is a terrible canopy in general, and an ever worse choice to start learning to swoop.

You don't need to be hucking large amounts of rotation and making long swoops to bust yourself up, or worse.

My best advice is to try to find a mentor that isn't over a web browser that can give you advice. Get a new one if they tell you it is a good idea to start self-teaching high performance landings with a Diablo!

A Sabre II, a mentor, and coaching will get you a lot further.
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