Right Rotation Approach Videos...POST HERE!

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***Here's a quick compilation of some of my rookie katana swoops, all right hand.


That´s Skydive Spain (Aerodromo la Juliana in Seville) if I am not mistaken

At what height did you do your set-ups? What exit weight or WL had you got?

Hola amigo. Si es Skydive Spain. The setup has minimum height of 700ft, the best is around 780ft. Exit weight is around 87kg and WL on KA120 around 1.6 I guess.

You jump here with us?
Why ask what height one starts one's turn? It would appear considerably more important at what height one decides to finish it.

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Forgive my ignorance but can anyone explain the purpose of the pause before the 180 snap? I see a (well two!) pause(s), albeit slightly shorter in this video, so it seems to be a desirable component of a swoop?


Glad to say the vid is on topic being a 630 right handed approach! ;-)

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The jury is still out on whether its the best technique or not, however I was taught that it gives me a better chance of getting entirely vertical just before my roll out. I've tried a bit back and forth and for me this "feels" right and I've been getting better results across all three disciplines with this technique.
Do note that the pause in my video was too long as I had just started to do them and wanted to exaggerate.

In addition to having a better chance on getting the dive angle right, I also use it as a "check point" in the turn as I divide my turn up into several stages for training purposes.

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