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Yes, please send me a few of your best runs (preferably with competition scores) and I will post it to the website. The same goes for anyone else willing to share. We can learn all learn from each other regardless of experience level.

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We are up to version 2.18 now. Recent changes include the following:

1) Fix a crash that can occur when closing swoop files.
2) Fix a crash that can occur with corrupt CSV files.
3) HiDPI is supported on Windows (in addition to OS X and Linux).
4) Single instance mode: prevent multiple gSwoop windows.
5) Fix problem with window size not remembered correctly.
6) Improvements to end of rollout detection (described below).
7) Other miscellaneous improvements/fixes.

In previous posts I described how rollout detection works by finding the point 1 meter above level flight. The idea is that you can score the entry gate and subsequently sink another meter without impacting the surface.

Occasionally this algorithm doesn't work well because GPS inaccuracies make it appear that the pilot is sinking for a long period of time (and more than 1 meter) after finishing the rollout. With these GPS tracks it works better to look at the vertical speed instead. The idea is that you can fly through the entry gate with a vertical speed as high as 1.25 meters/sec (2.8 mph) and still avoid impacting the surface.

With version 2.18 both algorithms will be used and the one that produces the shorter rollout time will be selected. This will improve the accuracy of the rollout time metric (and implicit gate location) even with less than perfect GPS data.

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