New PD Canopy to rival Lea ?

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She's pretty!


Another 2-3 pics in there fwd of that one.

They are making her pretty public right now. This was taken at a boogie last month. Shape seems to be less elliptical/tapered on the leading edge than the Leia.

I got to see the tag and talk to the pilot a bit (PD rep). Nothing solid at this point other than they love it, and it will be ready for the public, when it is ready for the public.

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While we usually do our best to keep the new R&D stuff under wraps, yes, we’ve been letting our new toy out to be seen a little more.
Some of the first Peregrine prototypes were made with ZP material and opened awesome at terminal or subterminal speeds. We then started adding a sail material to the top skin leading edge. When we developed prototypes using more of the heavier sail fabric we began to focus on the competition performance of the wing and less on terminal deployment performance. At this point the engineering project split into two: the project that produced the Peregrine and another project to complete the X-braced Schumann planform “freefall canopy”.

We’ve continued to build ZP versions and have been fine tuning it for a while now. I’ve attached a pic of JC flying one of the ZP prototypes with a sail leading edge at the 2012 World meet. He preferred the ones with the longer snivel since he was jumping with lots of camera gear…at the time, often with a RED on his head. We’ve built many other versions with different ZP/Sail configurations, 7 cells, 9 cells, and sizes in the range of 60-100 sq. ft. Recent versions are doing great. The openings and slow flight characteristics are better than the Velocity or Comp Velocity, and they are also more aggressive, more powerful and more capable.

These ZP Freefall canopies are doing everything we want them to. We’re like kids with a new toy and would love to let everyone play with it, but then we remember there’s a lot that our customers expect from us. There are quality standards that must be met, inspection criteria to be completed, longevity testing to be performed, and documentation to be produced. We do this to make sure we are keeping to the high standards that PD is known for.

In short, we love this canopy, it’s worth waiting for and it shouldn’t be long. Our current lead time is 9 weeks, and this new canopy will have the same production time as all our other products when it becomes available. Exciting times ahead!!!
Watch out for planters.

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