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after 4000 jumps you should have your own idea by now.

I've seen people cut-away from straight level flying canopy due to a line twist.

Cut-away or not it is really up to you, and how much you are willing to take it down to the deck.

Haven't heard much great things about Sensei. We've already had a nice opening x-brace that doesn't fly so well, the Xaos.
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simple answer is yes. If you are in line twists and spinning you are probably wise to get rid of it.
How likely to get in line twists compared to a Velo is a different question.
I have a Sensei 101 ( made by Brian just before he did the deal with Aerodyne) and have had 2 line twists in close to 500 jumps.
First one I attribute to bad body position. ( 3rd jump on it and was used to looking over my shoulder on deployment.)
Cut away #1 Lesson learned.
second one flew straight and easily kicked out.
I'm very impressed with this wing. Brian makes an awesome canopy.

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Firstly a couple of caveats:

- I am an Aerodyne Sponsored Instructor
- I've never jumped a Velocity

I did about 500 jumps on a Sensei 91 loaded at 2.4 I had one spinning line twists after a 4-way jump which I attribute to bad packing by a packer, but I was able to kick out of it by 1200 ft (silly, but I was very altitude aware, felt confident I could get out of it, and I had a Skyhook and a hard deck that I hadn't yet quite reached). I had another spinning line twists after a high hop and pop which I packed and I think was due to being very sub-terminal and poor body position which I knew I wasn't going to be able to resolve and chopped it pretty high.

I'm now jumping a Sensei 81 loaded at 2.7-2.8 depending on whether I'm jumping my full camera setup or not. I've only done about 75 jumps on it, but it opens fantastically. Love my Senseis.
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How many years ago? :)
The XAOS is a appears to be a great freestyle canopy - it does not do well in the power events (even before the latest Peregrine/Petra influx)

True that, but that's because the events have been tailored to a specific type of canopy these days.
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