Velocity openings/Left side always inflating first

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Just downsized from a 96 to a 90. I am having a problem where every single opening spins me at a minimum of 180 degrees left and sometimes as much as 360 degrees. It is always to the left. I have never had this problem with any of the other Velocities I owned. Supposedly the canopy has less than 100 jumps on it and it is a 2012. I had the lines specs checked by a rigger. I have even experimented with providing significant right side harness pressure to compensate but to no avail. When I watch my openings in slow motion it inflates seemingly normally (center cells first with your typical snivel) but as it begins to inflate, the left side is always opening first. Anyone else had troubles like this? I would say that this happens 8 out of every 10 jumps. Any suggestions?

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