front riser buffet

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It does sound like short brake lines.

At a safe height, and clear of traffic, do some front riser manuvers with your toggles in your hands, and look at the tail of the canopy while you do them. If there is tension on the brake line and/or it's actually pulling on the tail, the lines are too short. What's happening is you're pulling the front risers, which means 'go', and deflecting the tail, which means 'stop' at the same time.

If this is the case, speak to a rigger. You may have extra steering line stored inside of your current lines, and they can just let them out to the proper length. If not, you'll need new lower steering lines, which will take more time to build/install, but shouldn't be very expensive. Truth be told, if your lines are older, you might just have the entire steering line replaced, top to bottom, just to be safe.

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