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Hi I'd like to get a JFX. I've heard very conflicting reports concerning it's packing volume.
According to a friend and the nzaerosports packing volume table it packs about 1 size SMALLER than a Crossfire 2 of the same size.
I.e. packing Volume of JFX 109 = P.V. of a Crossfire 99.

Others say that can't be because of the crossbraces etc. The UPT Sizing chart says the opposite and does not include all JFX sizes.

I'm interested in a 104 and have a Vector V319. Does anyone know if that will work out? Or can anyone give feedback on similarities in packing volume of non crossbraced canopies?


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I pack JVX 94 in V306 bag.
I've packed JFX 94 in a V306 bag and it feels significantly smaller than JVX does.

FX 99 packs perfectly in a V306 bag, and that packs as big as VX 94.

and VX94 packs slightly bigger than KA120 or Crossfire 119.

FX104 should pack sized between crossfire 119 and 129 depending on your packing skill.

Hope this helps.
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Don't know if you're still interested but I had the same issue.
The values on the NZ aerosports website are correct (for my canopies).
I have my second JFX, the first one was a 99, now an 89.
They do pack significantly smaller than other crossbrace canopies and indeed even about a size smaller than the crossfire. I'm not sure why this is the case though.
My 89 fits into a V303 easily, even the 99 fit into it. Then again, it also depends on how you pack.
I had some discussion about this with UPT as well, they insisted that it would not fit in... :|

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