Springo vs ???

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yes the bigger springo, 160 and 140, was very big, short recovery like a stilleto 170 and 150.
but the 120 is more like stilleto 120, not so short recovery.
and the 110 was exactly the stilleto 107, long recovery, soft risers, etc.
both open quickly with the old slider, with the new one, with a cross tape on, she's open very well, better than stilleto, with less orientation.
the "NG" have only vectran line versus microline.

by the years, thank ParachuteDeFrance, you can have very good fabrick, like PD, or very poor, for the good you can expect more than 2000 jump, for bad, less 1000...>:(

and, she's a "sport" canopy, you need to have some experience, she can turn and dive very much with speed, like stilleto.
be cool, try and learn step by step.

niques tout, chies d'dans...

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I assume he means wingloading. I've jumped Stilettos from 150 to 97 (all sizes in-between) and the only difference I noticed would be as expected from higher wingloadings. In general, they all pull pull out of a dive pretty quickly, and will totally plain out if there is enough speed without any control inputs.

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