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Hi All

As you all know Super G is in ICU in a hospital in South Africa. I know a lot of messages get sent for him via e-mail to Jacqui Bruwer. If anybody wants to send him a message please pm me or post on this forum so I can print all this out for him tomorrow when I am going to go and visit him

Blue skies
and happy new year

Oh and Ian if you have a better place to move this forum please do so, and gelukkige Kersfees vir jou en jou vrou en jou pragtigge dogterkie

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Hello G,

Eug the packer from SDC here.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune, heal fast and well.

Maybe see you this coming summer?
“The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him.

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec quotes (Polish writer, poet and satirist 1906-1966)

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