(European) Swoop events 2009

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Now the World Meet is over it’s time to look ahead and start planning the swoop events for 2009.

In Europe we would like to set-up a European Swoop Tour again. The initial main criteria are IPC rules, high level event and a significant cash purse. Voss Norway, Kolomna Russia, Empuriabrava Spain and Bussloo The Netherlands used to have this but unfortunately the first 3 are not even scheduled anymore. Therefore we’ve lowered the limit to about € 6.000 to be part of the EST family.

• Lillo Spain April 30 to May 03 (potential EST)
• Kaohsiung Chinese Taipei June 06 -13 (World Games)
• Fehrbellin Germany June 25 -27 (potential EST)
• Turin Italy July 16 – 26 (World Air Games)
• Bad Lippspringe Germany July 22 – 25 Open UK Nationals (potential EST)
• Kolomna Russia considering a bid for World Cup for first or second weekend of August
• Italian Swoop Competition probably first or second weekend of August (potential EST)
• Klatovy Czech Republic August 14 – 16 (potential EST)
• Zwartberg Belgium August 21 – 23 (potential EST)
• Bussloo The Netherlands August 27 – 29 (potential EST)
• Johannesburg South Africa October 07 – 11 (bid for IPC World Cup)
• Skydive Spaceland Texas October 12 – 27 (US Nationals incl. CP)

Parallel to the EST there might be an August Swoop Tour (with an overall cash purse) for at least Klatovy, Zwartberg and Bussloo. Hopefully Italy can join as well.

We’re heading a busy and interesting swoop season.


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During the weekend June 12th to 14th Skydive Leipzig is going to host the Swoop Games. This is a freestyle-competition according to "new rules" (see this thread).
At the same time we are organising a Training for the German Swooping Open. For this purpose we renovated the pond, marked distance-, speed-lane and prolonged the sandzone according to the new FAI-rules. The Porter is available from Friday 9 am.

More information on training and competition: http://www.skydive-leipzig.de/index.php/skydiver/swoop-games-2009

Registration: http://www.skydive-leipzig.de/index.php/component/chronocontact/?chronoformname=swoop_games

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Klatovy is open from August 1 for training.
The competition is from August 14-16. 4000,-- Euros prize money!!
we have a FAI Judges Seminar (newbies and evaluation) starting on August 12 for any interested judges.
Check out www.pink.at/cpcomp.htm for the competition and registered pilots
Check out www.pink.at/judge.htm for info on the judges seminar

See you soon at Klatovy

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Registration for The Lake Bussloo Swoop Comp is also open now. Please send me ([email protected]) an e-mail if you want to participate.

Thursday (August 27) training on the beach
Friday and Saturday competition
Saturday night closing ceremony followed by a big BBQ and party with Rock Band.

All registration fee (€ 125) will be turned into prize money. The more competitors the bigger the cash purse!

We expect more competitors so reservations for the bunkrooms will be for the first to register.

Grtzz, Henny

** Know what you say but don't say all you know. **

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