HARD Left Turn

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I did a coach jump this weekend and when I pulled, the canopy turned hard to the left for no reason. I looked at the cells and lines and saw nothing wrong. (Keep in mind that I'm a newbie.) I flared a couple of times and nothing changed. I tried shifting my weight and that helped a little bit, but not enough. I did not feel comfortable with adjusting my leg straps while under canopy. That's probably something I'll have to learn to get over soon. Anyway, I needed to pull the right toggle two-thirds down to compensate.

When I landed (crapily) I checked my leg straps. They were even. My coach (an AFFI) told me about lifting my knee, something I'll keep in mind in the future. He checked the chute and it was fine. The packer checked it as well and asked if I wanted to jump it again. I declined and chose another.

It was a Navigator 280 with a ton of jumps, rented gear from the dz. My next jump was also a Navigator 260 also with a ton of jumps but with new lines. It handled well.

Now, I know it's near impossible for someone online to know for sure what caused this problem. All I'm asking is for guesses, wild stabs at what might cause this problem.

The whole thing was a pretty good learning experience for me, but I'd like to get some more insight.

Oh yeah. I forgot to ask the instructor which knee I lift up! :$

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I have seen this before yrs ago with old gear. now thankfully replaced.
any chance the toggle didnt actually come out of the brake setting loop on one side? shortening that brake line in comparision to a properly released one ?
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