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I feel a responsability to post "something" regarding this topic.

Speed riding, ski launching, at resorts is a very "touchy" subject for those who decide wether or not we gain access.

Look at B.A.S.E. jumping 20 years ago... Remember it was legal to jump El Cap. at one time. But a few recked it for the rest of us. 25 years later it's still not legal....

So in my humble opionion, and I'm not at all trying to be a speed riding no it all cop, but the way in wich we all (in the US) approach this,will determine if, access is to become a 20 + year battle, or a gentle process much like snowboarding went through.

It's up to us to think about the big picture. Going bandito style too often, leads to bad PR for this great new sport. And could set negative precidents.

All I'm saying is, think more about the future of the sport, not just the few runs you might "get away" with.

Lets not "burn" the sport here in the US , before it has a chance to flourish. i encourage as many as possible to approach ski area Management in a professional and polite way and seek access everywhere. But tread iightly and get permission before flying @ resorts! Lets not ruin it for everyone, before it has a chance.

Otherwise , we'll all be flying to Europe, everytime we want to legally speed ride. Or skiinning, snowshoeing, etc to get a couple short flights a day. I've been doing it, and believe me, chair lift access is a lot easier!

Thats all I have to say.... Take it for what its worth, it's just one mans opinion.


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Does anyone have any experience and success approaching resorts? Good arguments on overcoming liability concerns? I'd like to approach my resort, but I'm afraid that once I'm told I'm not allowed to do it, it'll be worse than it is now, where we are residing in a gray area. We will always be able to launch out of bounds here, but inbounds is much easier to access. I'm interested in hearing some approaches.
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I'm kind curious as to what brought this thread on. Was it your resent article in Skydiving Mag, from the several threads on this subject as of late or have you been receiving a lot of questions from people.

You have good points and I do agree with you about not ruining it for other in the future. I said the same thing in my thread on this topic. Here in WA State I know of two ski resorts that do not allow it. One I personally spoke to the resort GM and the other a buddy got turned down.

If we ask politely and try to educate management of what we are doing we can build a relationship. If we "bandito" as you put it we will lose in the end.

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