Would you footlaunch a ski-launch wing?

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Lots of people do! :) The Bullet, Nano, Ski'm and Hellracer are all regularly footlaunched if that's the style of wing you're after.

Ozone have just released the Bullet 08 by the way and have also been testing a 8m square parachute design-inspired model in Austria recently.

Pic here: http://www.paraglidingforum.com/download.php?id=10125

It looks similar to a Katana to me with less toggle attachment points towards the middle of the wing.
Interesting to see a SpeedFly manufacturer take a step towards flatter, more skydive style wings, rather than the parabolic paraglider shaped ones.

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I just spent a week in Salt Lake, dialing in my foot lauches / landings on my Swoop.

Works fine.

Beware of very dynamic roll axis reactions to slight assymetries in the risers. IE. When the lauching, the turn-around from facing wing to facing forward, un-evens the risers slightly... a paraglider wont' even notice this, but the mini wings seem much more reactive.


Josh Briggs
Canmore, AB

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I agree, foot launching works great. Takes some practice but landing on foot shouldn't be a problem for anyone used to flying a high performance/ highly loaded canopy.

I have a Bullet 14m as well as a Bullet 12m and I've foot launched both many times without incident. Both are highly loaded - 14m at about 1.9 lb/sqft and 12m at about 2.2 - with me on them so they are super dynamic in pitch and roll. That's how they fly with skis on too so I had plenty of experience with controlling them before I ever foot launched.

Advice: have your ground handling under control (know how to kite the wing in most or all conditions) and know how to recognize and avoid mechanical turbulence - trees, rocks, ridges, etc all generate turbulence that is deadly when you're going fast close to the terrain, finally, aggressive control input anywhere near the ground will get you there very quickly.

All in all, a great way to get the winter toys out of the closet when there's no snow.

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I fly with a friend who owns two Bullets....

I'll talk with him.... I know he does fly it with out skis, but he is a paragliding instructor, 13 years exp. so...

I believe it is possible and safe in the right conditions and with the right experience level.

I'll get back to you


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