Registration open for EST finals Lake Bussloo Beach 2007

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National Skydiving Center Teuge (The Netherlands) will host the EST finals again at Lake Bussloo Beach on August 30 – September 1.

Program, schedule and atmosphere at least the same like last year(s).
Thursday: Training
Friday + Saturday: Competition
Saturday evening/night: PARTY

This year we’ve to limit to max 60 competitors.

More info and registration: just send an e-mail to Henny Wiggers
[email protected]

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Some updated info:

Cash Purse: € 5000 or $ 6.750
Several other prizes: like Argus AAD

Registration so far:

1 Achim Bledau
2 Erwin van de Braak
3 Pablo Hernandez
4 Peter Lankreijer
5 Heiko Böger
6 Henny Wiggers
7 Nina Engel
8 Marc Jacobs
9 Michael Vaughan
10 Luc Knuts
11 Jurgen Camps
12 Mike Vogeleer
13 Guido van den Eynde
14 Gert Michiels
15 Erwin van Lommel
16 Grim Swinnen
17 Jan Ceulemans
18 Johan Nuyts
19 Ronald Reijmen
20 Oliver Jünger
21 Rene Sta van Uijter
22 Bob de Vries
23 Maik Süptitz
24 Stu Storey
25 Smudge Smith
26 Alastair Macartney
27 Christophe Réquillart
28 Sylvain Peraudeau
29 Uwe Steinbrecher
30 Peter Vohwinkel
31 Rodrigo Ferreira
32 Carlos Faustino
33 Tobias Scherrinsky
34 Erwin Baatenburg
35 Martin Bäcklin
36 Ian Bobo
37 Tom Delibac
38 Jen Thögersen
39 Roel Roeloffzen
40 Frederique vd Hilst Karrewij
41 Pieter Wittevrongel
42 Sascha Wawro
43 Wuzi Wagner
44 Martin Eiszner
45 Göran Schwarz

C ya all next week,


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It's time for this veeeery nice swoop comp again. With lots and lots of nice competitors and organization!

Wouldn't like to pass the third year in a row but so far my work shifts don't look too good. In case I appear there thu/fri, need a helping hand Henny? B|

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Hi Jannu,

Yes, it'll be nice again. Besides the competition at the lake we've the tent, bbq, rockband, dutch goodiebags, etc. again.

You know youy're more than welcome. Actually every experienced judge that wan't to join us.

Hope you can mnake it again.

C ya,


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Eh today is sunday not monday eh.... Been working too hard? LOL

Yeah those scores were from friday. Not sure what happened to the percentages, had to delete a lot of stuff (logos etc) to get the spreadsheet small enough to post here.

Me or Henny will post final scores and results later, I don't have the digital file myself yet.

ciel bleu,

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