Southeast CPC meet 4 at the Farm Results!!

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Well guys, I'm not sure where to start with this one. I think I could start by saying that this season is shaping up to be the best one yet for us down in Florida.
This meet at the Farm was just unbeleivable. The competitors, the judges, Hans and Sandy and Ella and everyone from the Farm that helped out.
Tyler Lawson from ASC that let us use his Otter for our demo into Peperell Elementary School. I just wish Tyler would have competed Demo was great. Eight of us jumped into the school for 400 kids and teachers. Bill Clough set up the demo. We then talked to the kids about swooping and we had 400 kids screaming "SWOOOOOPERS" at the top of their little lungs. It was great.
Bill Clough did so much work for this event. We did 5 different radio broadcasts. I personally did 2 phone in radio interviews and had the chance to talk about swooping to a public audience.
There were posters put up all over town for the event.
Despite some tough weather there were local spectators that came out to watch.
Robby Rob came out and announced the event and did a great job for it. Thanks to Robby Rob.
This was by far the most publicized amateur event I have ever seen. There was a radio announcer at the event doing a live broadcast.
All the pilots went out on Friday night to a bar/restaurant in town and met with the locals and we had a microphone set up and I was able to talk to the people in the bar and we gave away a free tandem courtesy of Hans and the Farm. Thanks Hans. And we had give away prizes for the competitors that I gave away to people who correctly answered these three questions

1. Who was the first swooping world champion
2. How much weight was Jay wearing on his world record run?
3. What is the official world record speed time?

All the pilots are doing so frigin great this year. Denise and Dale and Bryan and Craig and Jairo and Mike S. and Chris W. and Big Steve (When he gets that VE 120 dialed...look out) and Don and Pete and Adrian, Adrian is killing it this year and Ryan and Loud Dan and Brian W.
Every single one of these Pilots are all doing so so good. They are all dedicated. Everyone of them. They are flying safe and are showing up 2 days before a comp to train. TWO DAYS BEFORE AN AMATEUR COMP. Amazing. I used to set up the course on Friday afternoon and no one would show up until Saturday Morning. Now they are getting to the event on Thursday. There are people driving for 8-10 hours from different parts of the country and there are people flying in from different parts of the country for these meets. These pilots are all going hard and they are all focused on these events and it shows in their flying. Huge improvements in accuracy and power. I can't say enough about these people and I would recommend that if you are out there and you know one of these pilots that are competing here with us this year that if you have a chance to talk to one of them about swooping, that you do. I would like to congratulate each and every one of them for their efforts and their dedication to our amazing sport and lifestyle of high performance parachute flight.

You are all winners here and now!!

The judges that are working with us this year are just so great to have. Kim and Laticia and Kolla and Michelle and Robin and Roy are making this all happen. They are dedicated people too and are driving from DZ to DZ and are showing up early in the morning and are staying late at night and we thank and applaud their efforts.

So for this meet we had some low clouds and we only did half the comp on Saturday and when I asked around to see if anyone wanted to call it, there was a unanimous "NO" Everyone wanted to wait and use the weather day on Sunday. Even those people that had to drive home Sunday night and woudl not get home until 2 in the morning and had to be up early Monday stuck it out. Glad we had the weather day. We did finish all six rounds.
Unfortunately Denise had to leave so her scores don't really reflect her performance because she did not complete the rounds on Sunday. Denise doing really really great this year. Nice one Denise.

1st. Craig Saucier
2nd. Jairo Garcia
3rd. Bryan Buechler

This was such a tough one for Bryan who in his first round of zone just barely brushed a blade of grass in no mans land and got a zero. He still got third. Super tough break. Bryan and Craig and Dale from the Gold Coast are doing so well this year. It is a pleasure to have them at these meets.

Special thanks to Scott Roberts who came out and coached the meet and was debriefing video until midnight with an eager group of people who were gathered around the TV until late.
Thanks Scott.
And thanks to Ian Drennan who also came out to offer some coaching from the ground. Ian told me that he will be back in the air soon. Thanks to Ian

Well how is that for ramblin on.....
Congrats to everyone again.

We will do our last meet of the year. WOW. Another year done....
We will do our last meet in DeLand Saturday May 19. We will have a Crab Boil and party afterwards and will also award the 2007 Southeast Championship trophy to the winner.

Check out all the scores
at www.cpafl.org

See ya soon

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