It's safe to say it's ..... DONE!!!!

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Yeah thats right, Johannesburg Skydiving Club now boasts its very own completed IPC Standard Swooooooop Pond!!

Many many thanks goes out to: (and in no particular order)

Pottie Potgieter, Chris Beasley, Pears Adamson, Charis Baleson, Callie Haden - Smith, Beverley Cosslett, Nic Helfrich, Arno Schutte, Kevin Owen, Stuart Robinson, Chanel Gibbens, The JSC Committee, The generous anonymous financial donors, Vana Gulliver, the guys from the club that gave hard earned cash to support the swoop pond by buying raffle tickets, the guys behind the scenes working hard to assist in the process: have I left anyone out ... there are so many guys and girls who helped make this dream a reality .....

The swoop pond has still to be paid off, but with the help of our community I am sure it will be a great success ... we hope to welcome swoopers from all over the world to come join in and experience some true South African Hospitality!!!!!!

Now guys...

all we ask is for Safe Swoops!!!!

Blue skies and safe long swoops!!!


"Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's
addressed to someone else!" Ivern Ball

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Here's another pic - from the north side looking south (usually downwind hehehe)
Nationals is gonna rock!

Almost forgot - final dimensions are :
*110 m in length and ...
*45 m at the widest point (in the middle)......
*narrowing to 20m wide at each end.
*it is 1.2 m deep and slopes up to level over 3m
Around the pond is a clear and level area measuring
650m x 300m if not more

quite a job but IT'S DONE!!!B|

* now ... about that wingover Jay....:ph34r: any input welcome....
People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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So how is that made? Just a big hole in the ground with plastic so the water doesn't seep through?

Yup. Just a big hole in the ground of the exact proportions described, on a completely level area so the water doesn't get out the low end, and lined with plastic.

Nothing you couldn't do yourself with the help of 50 friends and the support of an entire community given 6 months of weekends, friendly farmers who built a feeder dam and dug a 3/4 mile trench to the pond, a week or 2 of loaned earth moving equipment, free water from one of the mining companies, a lot of plastic, digging, planting grass, anchoring gates, plowing and treating the run off area to be jumper friendly, marking out the zone accuracy, distance and the speed courses and about $60 000.

Oh. And you'd need the drive, commitment, vision and belief of someone like Swooopa-x!

Just a big hole in the ground.:P:)
It's the year of the Pig.

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