holy shit!

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Glad you're enjoying yourself... but understand that speed is relative. To the snail on the back of the tortoise, it's a wild ride. 300kmph is fast for a train, but slow for a plane.

At a loading of under 1.4 and at sea level there are people all over the world who will think your canopy is blindingly fast, or impossibly slow - depending on their frame of reference.

Your reaction is the one that matters, and the fact that you think it is fast means you should make every effort to get up to speed before it does something faster than you can stop.

Good luck.

It's the year of the Pig.

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just jumped my new sabre2 120 toy today, jesus it's quick!

yeah I remember when I started loading a sabre 150 at what you are loading the 120.

I was like wow this is awesome I can really take this canopy a lot farther than my 170...

great canopy, awesome to learn to swoop on, and not so bad when it comes to landing out either...



CSpenceFLY - I can't believe the number of people willing to bet their life on someone else doing the right thing.

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got more comfortable towards the end of the day, doing drills finding out maximum altitude los in 90 and 180 toggle turns, urgent dive recoverys etc. even got off a 90 front to land, i went forever*

all of the canopy coaching came in handy when it came to setting it down nice and soft where i wanted to.

by the way if your around europe and want canopy coaching www.safeflightschool.com Brian Vacher is one of the best canopy piloting coaches i have learnt from and seen and he's home grown from the good old UK, few and far between on our soil.

*above statement may be a slight inflation of the truth however rocked very hard...

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