Learning attitude - how much does it matter?

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I am starting to get interested in swooping and am doing lots of tests up high. I have also done ground launch training with Jim Slatton. Been rerading Brian Germains book too.

I have a question about learning attitude, since I notice going too fast at learning to swoop is statistically bad, but what I am wondering is the degree that learning attitude matters. My guess is 80%

I had an interesting conversation with a long time jumper and trainer with over 7000 jumps, who thinks many jumpers and trainers don't have the right awareness approach. He went on to say that he goes over emergency procedures for every, solo, tandem and instruction jump so he says he ends up always reacting and is never in a situation where when something goes wrong, he has to say to himself "oh #%$# what do I have to do now - let me remember. He thinks this is "having to think attitude" common and makes many people pretty dangerous, compared to his in the moment preparedness.

I liked this and tested it on myself on my last couple of jumps before the jump and on the climb up imagining all sorts of scenarios and checking I had a plan, which I sort of visualised. I noticed my allertness increasing and on jump out felt much more ready.

It must be so easy to move out of this way and go to a familiar way that works (already found myself sliding into this mode) but the point of what I have been reading is that our learning curve needs to include anticipation training for every eventuality for the jump we are doing. I talked with a pilot friend too and he agrees it is the same issue for pilots.

So my question is how much of an issue is this to the whole learning curve thing. For me it explains why I am doing lots of testing up high and how I should be thinking along with that. It also justifies the 25% of Brian Gernains book dedicated to learning attitude and being in the moment mindset.

Interested in comments. I am guessing what Im saying here matters hugely - like 80%

Taking risk is part of living well - it's best to learn from other peoples mistakes, rather than your own.

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Yes the right attitude matters a lot, but there is no replacement for expierence. Someone can train all they want on the ground and read books, but until you get in the air, you dont know how you will react to any given situation.

That being said I am a huge fan of books and additional training regarding canopy flight. I think if you are already seeking training and reading you are on the right path. Just be careful cause the ground doesnt care how many books you've read.

--"This ain't no book club, we're all gonna die!"
Mike Rome

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You already have the good attitude for me,
Brian Germains book is a very good start, do not forget that only with books you do not get there, you need also the feeling and that you can get only with jumps. A lot of jumps,

Be cool and stay safe.

A FreeFly Gypsy

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Hey Jim's Ground Launching stuff is the shits!!! Good stuff I tell you. But it's not safe and it requires good canopy knowledge, canopy control and of course the right survival attitude.

I hope to use my past and future Ground Launching experience towards swooping. But swooping is different. Swooping requires hundreds and hundreds of jumps on each canopy you'll jump before you downsize to the next smaller size or more elliptical or cross-braced canopy. To skip a step in the process is only asking for trouble above the already high risks we already take swooping. The right attitude is good. But experience is what gives you a chance at survival. If you want to get into swooping. Talk to a more experienced swooper and set out a plan. To swoop through trial and error is only to ask for unnecessary risks.

But what do I know. I'm just a newbie myself. :o

Try not to worry about the things you have no control over

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