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Since my experience is with either Spectre or Synergy, I would like to compare the two and get some feedback.

To frame the discussion, I guess I start with my other canopy: a Spectre 170 loaded at 1.35 ( prior to this one I had a Spectre 210, loaded at 1.1). The load factor seems to make a difference on the opening. The Spectre 210 used to take around 900 to 1100 feet to open, while the Spectre 170 is a bit snappier opening at 700 to 800 feet. Either canopy opens softly and on-heading with a "mushy feeling" and then full inflation. Toggle pressure to turn is average, with the turn initiating within a two to three inches input. The Spectre can turn very agressively, with toggle input.

Now, for the Synergy 170. Since the load factor is the same as the Spectre 170, the variations on performace have at least this factor in common. I was expecting the same type of opening as the Spectre, but I was surprise to see how quickly it opens. In fact, I consider the opening rather stiff for a seven cells. I have jumped Sabre 170 and Sentry 170 with softer openings than the Synergy. I normally have the canopy packed by our rigger, and she does a superb job. No mushy opening, but invariably it has end-cell closures followed by slow inflation. The slider gets hung 1/2 way everytime. The previous owner sent it to the factory for a line repair and PA changed the slider to a larger slider. To get the slider down I have to pump the front risers ( and some times the rear risers too). My concern in that the added friction on the HMA lines will make the fail prematurely. I'll write to PA about that. It flies rock-solid, less bouncing on turbulence. Toggle input required is far more than the Spectre, around 6 inches to start a good turn and takes a fair amount of muscle. I did a 10,000 feet opening and I my arms got a workout by the time I landed. The canopy is far more suceptible to cross winds than the Spectre (that was a big surprise, I thought I had a built-in turn and it turned out to be cross winds, It became apparent after six jumps) Flare is superb and at 1.35+ load it comes down pretty fast.

Overall, the Synergy is a different experience than the Spectre. I haven't quite formulated an opinion, and at 375 jumps, I need far more experience to be a good canopy evaluator.

Any thoughts out there?

Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo".
- Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"

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Have a Spectre 170 and Synergy 150 both lightly loaded. Absolutely trust the Spectre. On heading, soft opening, predictable turn and flare but while the Synergy has all the same qualities in addition to a more 'stable' feel I can't get the slider to come down. It has hung up 1/3 of the way on all but 2 jumps and then only with vigorous toggle pulls and the second time having to get to a stall before the slider casually descended. While this doesn't seem to affect the flare I can't believe that it would be better with full slider descent. Have waxed the lines, consulted a rigger and am waiting, and waiting for a response from Precision. Right now can't say I would recommend as this appears to be a real safety concern.

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