Hola! (And questions about picking a DZ)

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Morning everyone!

My name is Gilberto. AND I WANNA JUMP!

After a few years of really wanting to try this sport and on the week I reach 30, I have decided Im not waiting any longer. I have been saving for this for a while now and now I am ready.

The problem I have now is the "find the right DZ for you" problem.

I live in Slovakia at the moment and the 2 DZ that are closest to me are:

Compact Slovakia: There is a review of that DZ here that seems to me is less than stellar. They have a webpage that quotes "AFF for 1500 Euros including 24 jumps" but when I called they said that was a mistake and the price was actually 1500 for 12 jumps. They jump out of some Mi Russian helicopter. Even though in their wep-page they offer the S/L course, when I called them asking fr information they didnt mention any of it. A link to their webpage can be found in the "find a drop zone"

The other DZ is a smaller one that only offer S/L at a very fair price (I think). They seem to be nice and they asked me to come Friday to check the Dz and speak to them. They are located in the aeroklub kosice. I cant find a review of them or anything. Only their own web page.

I really dont know which way to go. Do you guys know of any of these two places? I guess is a long shot to even ask but it would be nice to have some advice from someone who knows the DZ.

Thank you for your help and I apologize if the english its a bit funny. Im better at Spanish :)

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Your English spelling and grammer are better than most on this site (USA teaching system sucks). Of the two DZ's, my gut says go to the smaller DZ. Mostly because of the mis-leading ad from the first DZ. Go visit them at least, look at the equipment and aircraft. You can tell if either are old and wore-out. Just check out the vibe. You have nothing to lose with that......Good luck.
Life is short ... jump often.

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Thanks a lot Jumps for your answer!

I will go today to the Dropzone to talk to them and look at the school. Hopefully It will be a nice place.

In a very odd coincidence my landlord knows the "main guy" from the Aeroklub and he offered to come with me. He said his friend has been jumping since they were kids and he has done a tandem with them. He said he felt safe all the time. That made me feel a lot more confortable I guess.

After I visit them today I will post here all I can find out about gear, planes and so on and hopefully you guys will help me make an informed decision.

Maybe im lucky and all is good and tomorrow eve. I can tell you guys how absolutely amazing my first jump was :)

Have a great day and stay safe!

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