Username: Cyrfaith - Classifieds Seller Scam

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The following user has been reported as a scammer. The user has been linked to other usernames which were also advertising scam ads on dropzone.com.

Be careful as these sellers are sometimes able to provide extra images for the items they're 'selling' and appear legitimate. Again be suspicious of broken English, especially when the seller claims to be from a native English speaking country.

Do not do business with the following username:

Username: Cyrfaith

Below is an example of a the e-mail they have been sending out to users:

On 23-Aug-2013 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly.

Username => Cyrfaith

Name => Elizabeth Dominic

FromEmail => [email protected]

City => magna

Country => United States

Comments => Greetings to you from my desk,

I just want to inform you that i have the required item in good shape. You can mail me if you still have interest.

Blue sky

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