Username: jrjerao - Classifieds Seller Scam

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The following user has been reported as a scammer. The user has been linked to other usernames which were also advertising scam ads on dropzone.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The ads are often generic and copied and pasted from other legitimate ads.

Be careful as these sellers are sometimes able to provide extra images for the items they're 'selling' and appear legitimate. Again be suspicious of broken English, especially when the seller claims to be from a native English speaking country.

Do not do business with the following username:

Username: jrjerao

"Real Name" Used: Wanda Hofsommer

Below is an example of a scam ad submitted by this user prior to removal. Keep a look out for similar formatted ads from other users too.

[inline wanda.jpg]

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This has turned out to be a persistent and targeted attack by a group in India, I spoke to the real Jeremy Ruggles (who nicely refunded my money via PayPal ;)) and they were attempting to use his account and then have him send cash to India. Be aware as this attack may continue using different names/accounts now that Jeremy is aware how he is being played. Verify a USPA # matches a name, matches the name on the PayPal account and only user PayPal goods/services not gift! Good luck and Blue Skies!

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