Username: Eward10 - Classifieds Buyer Scam

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The following scam has been reported:


On 28-May-2011 someone submitted their contact information in response to your
ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the
person directly.

Username => Eward10

Name => Edward

FromEmail => [email protected]

City => Aberdeen

Country => Uk

Comments => Hello Seller,

My name is Mr Eward Miller .

I am interested in your Containers ,Kindly mail me back if its for sale

1. How long have you owned it?

2. Have you owned it from new? If not how many previous owner?

3. In your opinion, what sort of condition is it?

4 Asking Price?

[email protected]

Click here to read more about these kind of scams.


  • DO NOT do business with anyone who offers to send you payment for a higher amount than your selling price with the understanding that you'll send back the balance.

  • Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of a "client" or another "customer".

  • Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be from Nigeria or West Africa

  • If you agree to accept a check payment, then do not send anything, gear or "change" before the check cleared. And be careful, if you manage to clear a fraudulent check then you may be liable for the damages if the bank finds out later. Make sure your bank authenticates the check.

  • If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
This username has been disabled.

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With that said, I feel I must remind people - once we disable a user, he will still be able to contact you via e-mail if you had already spoken to him. Quite often I get asked why the person is still in contact with them.

Once you have seen a user listed in the security and scam alert forum, you should cut all contact with the scammer immediately and block their e-mail address.

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