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#1 - Sabre II
It is the only canopy that has opened hard enough to severe a main lift web to my knowledge.
....at least Twice IIRC..

#2 - Is a tie between the Spectre and the Triathlon

#3 - Sabre I

#4 - Monarch

#5 - Nova

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When I was just off student status I bought an unmarked Lightning from a dealer in Florida who advertised it as a "zp PD 218." I took it to terminal over 200 times. My openings were so hard that people would come out of the hanger to see what just happened. At a crew camp I was talking to Mike Lewis and when I described it to him he said, "That was my first Lightning!" I got real good at sitting up after pulling, and I had lots of freefalls when I didn't want to pull at all. Sold it to a CRW dog and bought a Spectre. It sniveled so long I almost cut it away on my first jump with it!

Got to rate Lightning as number 1, even with a sport slider.
"Here's a good specimen of my own wisdom. Something is so, except when it isn't so."

Charles Fort, commenting on the many contradictions of astronomy

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So, after the first ten jumps or so, why did you jump it 190 times more? :)

I've owned and jumped the following skydiving canopies (in descending order of #jumps):
Sabre 2 170
Lightning 143
Sabre 135
Merit 170
Springo 120

The hardest opening I've ever had was on the merit. The openings were normally fast, but not painful. But that particular opening sure made me see some beautiful stars. Only hard opening so far, knock on wood.

The softest opening canopy was the Sabre 2. Took forever to open and the end cells always needed some help.

The sabre and the springo opened/opens perfect. Fast but not too fast, on heading. Only had one spinner on the springo, but I think that was because of an incorrectly stowed toggle. Sure was a ride.

The lightning also opens fine, at ~80 knots :)

All in all, I really liked the Sabre. YMMV.

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