Altimaster V ??

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I have been looking for a new or slightly used Altimaster and I ran accross an ad on E-Bay for an Altimaster V. Is this guy for real ? I cannot find any info on an Altimaster 5 on their website. To me it looks like an Alti2 with an Alti3 hand mount. What do you think ?
I tried sending him e-mail, but I have not heard anything back yet.
Ebay ad is here

If first you don't succeed....skydiving is not for you.

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What Bill said. They haven't been available new for a couple of years now. I had one; it wasn't very accurate. It survived 50 tandem landings before I brushed it across the ground on one and it fell to pieces.
I wouldn't bother if you have to pay more than about $25 for it...
pull & flare,

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I had one given to me. Mine only goes to 4k feet. I don't use it and have just started looking for info on it. I will probably just end up keeping it as a memento. :)

Sincerely, Daniel (not as fat as he thinks he is) Adams

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