Canopy Colors and wear??

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it's a decent test: yes the windows attentenuate the uv itensity. only meaning exposure time needs to be increased. the area gets full unobstructed sunlight all day, and after a year the fabric even with the filtering of the single pane windows has taken more uv abuse that a normal canopy used in skydiving.

I think I'd disagree with that. It's certainly going to get a lot of UVA, but it's not going to get a lot of UVB, because window glass is opaque to it. If canopies are damaged purely by UVA then it might be a valid test, but because far UV is more damaging, generally, than near UV, I think "outside" UV would be much, much worse.
-bill von

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soda lime float glass can transmit, at high attenuation, uv down to just below 220 nm, well below the 300-400nm black light region. the thinner the glass the less the attenuation.
the lower uv is there just at much lower intensity, because most of it, not all gets absorbed by the glass.
as to weather or not the uv intensity is low enough to be below any damage threshold of the fabric after being filtered by window glass is valid question.
the outdoor flag suggestion should answer most questions here (but will take at least a few months).

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