can a Sabre 190 be packed in a Talon T5

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According to Rigging Innovations, the manufacturer of the Talon, a T5 will hold up to a Sabre 170. If you are a very good packer you might be able to stuff a Sabre 190 in it... but I wouldn't recommend that if you are a novice jumper/packer. You're gonna hate packing zp at first anyway, why make your life even more difficult by having to stuff it into a container that wasn't meant to hold it?
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Has anyone tried packing a Sabre 170 or a Sabre 190 in a Talon T5. How well do they fit, specially the 190.
If the 190 is a tight fit how safe is it to fit it in and how uncomfortable is it to do so.

I have packed a Sabre 170 in a T5 - very tight fit.. I would imagine I'd be able to get a 190 in a T5 with lots of pushing, pulling, and swearing.. According to Sandy Reid, the T5 is designed for a 150ZP main and 160 reserve.. In my T5, I have had a Hornet 190, Sabre 170, Sabre 150, Stilleto 150, and Extreme VX99.. (no, I wasn't jumping the VX - a friend borrowed my rig and put his main in it).. As for the reserve, in T5's I have seen up to a 176 in a PD reserve, and up to a 210 in the Tempo.. I have the 210 in my rig..

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Talon T5s were originally designed for Sabre 150s. I packed both Sabre 150s and Sabre 170s into my Talon T5. The Sabre 170 was a snug fit.
Packing a Sabre 190 into a T5 is going to be a struggle. Why anyone would want to work that hard is a mystery to me!
Rob Warner
Rigging Innovations Customer Service Manager Emeritus

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