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i keep this email account for security verifications and i have this one email that keeps coming up and flooding my inbox. i have set filters for it, but they are not stopping the email. can you block this one email for me? the address it comes from is: admin and the subject line is: There is a new comment to Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics. i have blocked it by subject, sender and still have hundreds of them. i have even unsubscribed from the thread, but this didn't work either. thank you.

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Apologies over the functionality failing. Rest assured I'll look into it and try to resolve the inability to filter spam correctly as soon as possible.

With all due respect, Sir, I'm not holding my breath, either. Remember all that porno spam I reported a few months ago that was started by a certain now-banned (though recently reincarnated) member a few months ago? Well, I'm still getting his "boogers", even though I've set my spam filters on maximum.

It doesn't really matter to me, as I never ever use my DZ.com e-mail for anything; but it is what it is.

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