question to owners of Icarus Safire 169

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to those who have icarus safire 169, how big does this canopy pack ? say comparing to sabre 170 ?
Icarus says that safire packs smaller then sabre, but packing volume posted on their site for safire
is 1.5 bigger then the same size sabre ! could anybody who has this canopy tells me aproximate
measurements of D-Bag with a canopy in it? i have container that fits PD190 well and i wanna figure
out how safire 169 will fit in it.

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Urban skydiving legend has it that PD canopies are sized inflated (i.e. 170 inflated is bigger than 170 measured flat on the ground as they lose "flat" area when inflated).
And Icarus canopies are sized on the ground, so a 169 on the ground is smaller than a canopy that was sized inflated.
PD 190s pack up smaller than say a Sabre 190 because the low porosity fabric is easier to control and put in the bag. Plus diffeent companies use different thickness fabrics from different manufacturers.
Here is a link to PDs document about pack volumes which goes into more detail.
Personally I think Safire 169 will fit into a D-bag that a PD-190 fits in. but I could be wrong
bloo skies

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This is from my limited understanding -
Although a Safire 169 is closer in size to a Sabre/Spectre/Stilleto/PD 150 than a 170 it will pack slightly larger than the 170. I can't explain the physics of it all but have heard this from Icarus reps.

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First of all, ignore most volume numbers published by canopy manufacturers.
Secondly' only trust volume numbers published by container manufacturers.
Thirdly, Bill Coe told me that PD measures their canopies by bottom skin span and mean aerodynamic chord. PD measures span across the bottom leading edge. They measure chord from top nose to tail of ribs. If the canopy is tapered then they average out the chord.
Fourthly, Icarus used to use the PIA measuring system (top skin span and mean aerodynamic chord), but in 2001 they switched to PD's measuring method.
This is all a capitalist plot to confuse consumers!

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