Newlines in email text

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Carriage returns, newlines, aren't recognized when used to break up email text into paragraphs. The same holds true for email signatures.

A workaround is to place a single, blank space on the line that separates paragraphs. So it would seem the cgi doesn't ignore blank lines with whitespace but will ignore them if there aren't any characters at all.

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I can't recreate this bug to fix it. I tried but it works fine for me. Here's what the output of my email looked like. I sent this from the webmail interface and looked at it in Outlook as well as through the Dropzone Mail interface:

Here's a new line with no space|
|and here's one with a white space|
|and here's one with no space and two returns|
|how does it look?

Can you give me some more info - this looks right to me...am I misunderstanding?
Safe swoops

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