my first rig?

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"Never let the airplane get someplace your mind has not been to five minutes earlier." is advice frequently quoted by flying instructors.
Skydiving instructors should say: "Never let your canopy get someplace that your mind has not been to five minutes before."
The key when down-sizing is to keep your mind ahead of your canopy. Look at the windsock and think through your landing pattern before you climb into the airplane. Review that landing pattern while riding in the airplane. Right after you have completed your control check, look at the windsock again and start look at each landmark in your landing pattern.
This is the best way to prevent "hook turn" injuries.

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hey all. figured an update is in order...
i found a rig. its not mine (yet) but the chances are pretty good that ill end up buying it.
Manufactured in 1998 its a J1 with a sabre 150 main and a PD 143 reserve. Black and purple container, 16 inches long so it fits perfectly, white and purple main. In good condition. 400 jumps total on the system, no cutaways no reserve rides. Looking pretty sweet.
Thanks for the advice guys! i really appreciate it!!
oh yeah! extended bridal cover too! so its freeflyable! whoo heee~
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