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Hello all,

I have a suggestion about the classified page.....
It has come to my attention that the majority of people getting screwed over are people new to the sport and site.

If these people knew about the basic safeguards of selling over the net the amount of people scammed on this sight would drop!

I realize you have all this essential info and more.....

But here is the thing...... If i was a newbe looking for gear (like i have been ) i rip to classifieds and straight to Complete systems caring only about the beautiful new rig im about to purchase

The Info on SCAMS is a small section on the classifieds main page( which i and many many other people did not see until we were told about it.)......
If this was made into a sticky at the top of the different classifieds
eg.. BEWARE OF SCAMS READ THIS FIRST .... Or a link whatever is easiest!!!!

The only way you are going to stop people from getting scammed is to inform them of the risks and yes once again you have this info on the sight it just needs to be a bit more in your face..... like a sticky on a forum telling you what will happen if you post here...

Hopefully some people may GAIN a bit of common sense after they have read all the info . And this is the major reason i am trying to get something done....

Someone new to the sport and wanting to join this great family in the sky and exited about getting there first rig ( of course ) skip past the main page and straight to Complete systems , containers ect

Makes some silly decisions .....W union ... Ill send you a check for more that the rig, ect

They tell everyone they got ripped off

And everyone tells them its common sense... they are stupid...idiots
Great experience for someone starting in the sport.

All the info in the world is no good if no-one reads it!!!!!

Can you PLEASE PLEASE . Do something about this and restore my faith in the willingness of skydivers to help each other out

By the sounds of it if i dont try no-one else will
.....And you thought Kiwis couldn't fly!!!!

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the other option is when they click "contact person" the scam information page comes up and then at the bottom of that is a confirm button. Also maybe somewhere in the classified ad having how long the user has been a member for. Chances are if they have been a member of the forums for longer than a few months they are (Most likely) not a scammer, an alternative to this would be how many forum posts they have as this can also show whether they know anything about the sport.

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i am another person who thinks that there is not enough warning about scammers on your classifieds.

there is a massive thread relating to htis on general skydiving disscusions. a few of us woulld like to see more warnings on the classifieds, maybe one which came up when you clicked on a rig for purchase.

some people are not as bright as others and have been ripped recently by people.

I would prefer it if more mandatory information had to be put on the classifieds to sell gear. like last repack and by whim. current dz, uspa or bpa number, etc etc, somthing that could be easily checked. still have a warning as soon as you click.

its an easy fix and may save one person there hard earned pounds, in which case its worth it.

btw i think dz is great (apart from this) :p

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