Handcam glove for Sony X3000?

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I considered making a housing for it, but I decided there are too many things working against the X3000 as a handcam:
- The image stabilizer crops the image, so you won't be able to use that stabilizing feature for a 170 degree FOV shot
- Long and slim form factor puts the lens closer to the subject, once again impeding the FOV
- Card slot location is underneath, which makes it not quick and easy to access

I do make a flat top universal glove mount. That could work using the camera's stock mount for flat surface.

[inline flat_top.jpg]

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Well how bad is that tradeoff in FOV? I'm thinking that my GoPro4 Black is pretty much useless for handcam (nigh impossible to hold that thing steady) and a GoPro5 uses electronig stablization, which also means sacrificing FOV?

Would a GoPro5 be better suited than the Sony X3000?

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