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I don't have any proof or any source to back this up but, I think the whole 3rd class medical issue is enforced to keep TI's with a dui from doing tandems. It would be a huge liability for a dzo or manufacturer to have TI's with dui's doing tandems.
Except for that I agree with you that a third class medical is useless. I just got one and it is a joke. I have been getting them since I was 16 years old.
A drivers license should be enough, like a sport pilots license and the new rules that have just been passed to eliminate the need for a third class medical.
Besides, you need a second class medical to carry paying passengers when flying an airplane except for the instances you have already listed.

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***Faa says must meet manufactures requirements and manufacturers say Faa medical so by virtue of manufacture requirement Faa requires an FAA medical for tandems in the US.

The FAA does not require a medical. The manufacturer requires it. You can claim that makes the FAA require it, but that is not true. The FAA does not care about a medical.

I am not arguing against your other points, but this argument seems to be over semantics. If the FAA requires a TI to meet the manufacturer's requirements, and the manufacturer requires a medical, then yes, it could be said that the FAA requires a medical. The difference, as I see it, is that if the manufacturer independently dropped the medical requirement, then the FAA would no longer require it.

On another note, without looking it up, doesn't the manufacturer require that tandems be done on an established drop zone? They don't allow tandems at demos. Not sure how that would affect the OP's desire to do them at his own private airfield.

Also, to the OP: Tandems are nothing to be taken lightly. As with everything else in this sport, there is a lot of value to experience and currency. If you were to take your wife or other loved one to a DZ for their tandem, and you were told that their normal staff was booked up for the day, 'but hey, we've got this other guy over here, he's not very experienced and certainly not current, but he did a few tandems many years ago, I'm sure you'll be fine', would you feel comfortable with that? Even if you work out the off-field and gear issues, I think you'd be better served if you just find a current, experienced TI to take your friends, and just jump with them.

Hell, that was at least 5 cents' worth.

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There is no manufacturer requirement for tandems to be done at a DZ. I've seen a number of tandems done on demo's, including the Golden Knights. Mark Schlater used to run a tandem operation out of a bus that travelled to air shows taking paying passengers from the crowd.

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When its to cold for the TI to safely perform their duties. That will depend greatly on each TI. bulky clothing and gloves change the game especially in touch and feel which are important during EPs. in Some countries TIs jump in the cold most of the time and are accustomed to it and the intricacies of wearing heavy gloves and clothing. practice practice practice.......many thin layers and tight clothing are my preferred clothing and Latex gloves covered with skydiving Gloves usually do the trick for me. the winter gloves from Square One are awesome also even in sub zero...

Just my 2 cents

Uncle/GrandPapa Whit
Unico Rodriguez # 245
Muff Brother # 2421

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Your question did generate a lot of comment for sure.
To be honest I don't know all the rules in States about medical, doing it private compare to commercial DZ ect.
But as a current examiner and a DZO I new a few things.
If you are really serious about investing in that project and doing it right it is still possible.
If I was you this is what I would do:
First Contact UPT and asked them for:
A :All the info you need to do what you want
B :An examiner closed to your place (not one that want to sell you a rig)
C :If you are serious about doing 50 tandems jumps / year and staying curent then i suggest you strongly the Sigma System. The différence is like jumping a round parachute, like we both did back then, and a square parachute...no joke.
You can contact me at any time for more info.
When you think you're good...this is when you become dangerous.

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CFR 14 Part 105.43 Tandem jumps:
"(i) Has a minimum of 3 years of experience in
parachuting, and must provide documentation
that the parachutist—
(ii) Has completed a minimum of 500 freefall parachute
jumps using a ram-air parachute, and
(iii) Holds a master parachute license issued by an
organization recognized by the FAA, and
(iv) Has successfully completed a tandem instructor
course given by the manufacturer of the tandem
parachute system used in the parachute operation
or a course acceptable to the Administrator.
(v) Has been certified by the appropriate parachute
manufacturer or tandem course provider as
being properly trained on the use of the specific
tandem parachute system to be used.
(2) The person acting as parachutist in command

Follow it or you will in trouble with feds...

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