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Some what related (I hope) but how old is too old to become a TI?

It seems that there are still active TIs well over 60 (hell, my TI during my student progression was in his 60s) but they all seem to have gotten their Rating in their 20-30s...

Is there an age that you guys and gals think is just too f’ing old to take the Rating Course?

IIRC over here in Belgium the maximum allowed age is 50 to get your rating.

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It is difficult to set an upper age limit for earning TI ratings.

The limit is more about flexibility of mind and body.
Younger skydivers are still curious and mentally flexible enough to attempt new techniques.
Physical flexibility helps surviving those first few awkward landings.
Physical strength and endurance make those long days easier.

I earned TI ratings at age 29 and still do tandems at age 61. These days I breeze through tasks (e.g. packing) that I struggled with when younger because - over the years - I have learned more efficient methods.

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***61 and still active TI. I work part time though, making about 400 jumps a year, so burnout is quite unlikely. I also like to mix it up with AFF and fun jumping. Not a bad life. :)

Part time, 400 jumps a year, lol. I get what you are saying its just funny perspective.

:D:D Yes, it does sound funny. For decades, I had a full time J-O-B, 5 days a week, kids, western Washington weather, etc. to contend with. And every year I made a steady 200 jumps, year after year.

Now I'm retired and the kids are moved out, and we downsized to a smaller home closer to the DZ. Plus we find ourselves taking month long trips in the winter to do tandems in Hawaii. So now it's around 400 jumps a year, and loving it.B|

When I started jumping all those years ago, I never thought skydiving would ever be a career path for so many people. But, of course, tandem jumping changed everything. Used to be 1000 jumps was really something. Now there are so many people making 1000+ jumps each year. I can't imagine having 44,000 jumps by now. :D:D

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