What are your wind limits?

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As a vidiot i dont get to have wind limits but i do appreciate all ti's who don't go in too extreme of winds! On the other hand if its only me and ti's i have some clear airspace to throw down a wicked downwinder!B|

IMHO, as a professional skydiver, you have just as much (if not MORE) responsibility to jump within your personal limits (regardless of the others on the jump).

Perhaps I misunderstand, but I don't get how being a videographer (or anything else) removes your right to make the decision to NOT jump in conditions you're uncomfortable with. Having seen the result first hand on more than one occasion of the extreme consequences of NOT stepping down for these reasons, I personally could care less if a customer gets to jump/a video of their jump/etc. if the option is jumping outside of your boundaries.

No response necessary, but I thought that was worth mentioning. Hopefully someone already beat me to it...

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I would imagine being on the lee side, you'll still get bumps.

Cleanest air during south wind days?

I never, ever experienced bumpy air working on Kauai. It's out on sort of a peninsula and winds were always out of the East from across the bay. It's on the Southwest side of the island. I think I jumped two days when winds were slack; every other day they were strong and steady from across the bay. I worked one summer there.

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