Best Tandem main canopy??

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Icarus 330 for daily use. Icarus 300 for acomadating LZ's
And I'd still love to fly the HXP 285. In the end of the day as much as I love to swoop... It's about getting the meat down safely. All it takes is a foot plant to hurt you or your student. I've personally taken a pasenger 285 + me 225 + 50 of gear on an Icarus 330. @1.7wl swooped for days but unless I trusted both the passenger and the LZ I'd not even think of that again. As professionals we need to remember that the student has no concept of whats happening so putting them at greater risk for our own amusement is not acceptable. Currency, proficiency and conditions play pivitol roles in canopy choice.
3 years doing tandems and 5000 tandem jumps has both taught and humbled me showing the responsibility that we as instructors posess.

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