Anyone else jump the new Precision Tandem Main yet?

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I jumped the new tandem main twice this weekend.

If you care, here is my impression.

The opening is three distinct phases. It seems to start inflation very quickly. I would not call it hard, but it is quick. My video guy felt the same way, he saw me get yanked away and then was surprised that I was still opening. The second section is a nice slow snivel while the main hunts for a heading. The third was a quick transition from snivel to open canopy with the canopy picking a heading. Both times it was a 180 to the left.

The toggle pressure was high and the 1st 1/3 of the control stroke seems to not elicit a big response. The toggle pressure prevented my students from being able to really fly the canopy on their own.

The flare was great.

On the second jump, the slider would only come 3/4 of the way down. I tried all the usual tricks, but it just would not budge. It flew fine and the flare was still fine.

It was a no wind day, so I didn't even try to stand either jump.
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I wont go into all the details about it but the Precision tandem main is a direct copy of the Icarus 365. Precision use to manufacture the canopy for Icarus before Icarus took it over and now they make it on their own. The Precision canopy has been out since at least 2007 when I first got my tandem rating.

I have done around 40 tandems on a Precision and around 250 on the Icarus 365. Didn't notice that big of a difference in terms of control and flare power, but definitely noticed more toggle pressure in the Precision over the Icarus. I thought both canopies open well and perform excellent. It was a huge difference from the 384-EZ I had been jumping.

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