Getting Lost in a Tunnel

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Am I the only one that has a problem knowing where the glass is sometimes. Where I fly the main observation room has subdued lighting with the brighter lighting in and on the tunnel itself. When in the tunnel there are many bright reflections of white lights on the tunnel walls at various heights from the floor.

Personally I often lose track of where I am at in the tunnel (especially on my back) in relation to the glass (almost to the point of being dizzy). Not the end of the world but bothersome.

I know there were problems with sliding glass doors in homes that were cured when they put decals of flowers and the like on the doors so people would know the door was closed so they didn't crash thru it - I witnessed this happen one time and realized the real danger of clean invisible glass.

I'm sure tunnels have multiple reasons for keeping the glass "free of decals of any sort" but ???

Does anyone else experience this phenomenon or know of techniques to minimize this type of challenge?

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