Summer suit for wind tunnels

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I am planing on buying my first jump suit for sky diving this season.
I was looking at a shortie/ summer suit, but i am planing on doing a heap of hours in the wind tunnel as well.
How do short suits go in the tunnel?
I don't think i have seen anyone flying in them and was wondering if there is any reason.

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I have about 12-15h of tunneltime in a rather tight fitting and fast shorty. And I wouldn't do it again nor recommend it.
You can learn everything in it as I have just fine but in my mind it's lacking the balance of a full suit.
You will have a lot of drag on your back and belly and close to nothing on your legs/ arms. No one really needs drag on arms but for smooth learning and flying you need your legs!!
I always thought I'm just too dumb to learn certain things but after I tried a good fitting Deem DNA (one of these flying preservatives) so many things felt just so much more natural, I couln't believe it. A bit faster on the upper body and so much more feeling for my legs, it was and eyeopener.

I hate to say it but tunnelflying is just a different sport. And for this you need special equipment if you want to do and learn it the right way.

As always it depends. Go for the shorty if you won't exceed 5-10h of tunnel time. Buy both long and short suits, if you have higher goals.

EDIT: bodyshapes matter. Im 6"3' 190 lbs. long legs, broad shoulders... everybody's different so ymmv

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put some thermals or rashguard under it and it will work just fine.
EXCEPT if your tunnel is a weak one and you are learning headdown.

My main flying working suit is shorty, I am a WTI in Flystation tunnel.
You could get some scratches from the net/walls, but it is not as common as ppl think it is. Knee protection (G-form) is a good idea tho.

It all depends of what you are doing in the tunnel.

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