Massive tunnel being buit in Abu Dhabi

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Assuming this is double the size of Paraclete, and assuming that the power requirements scale linearly with cross section (which they probably don't, I don't know jack about this stuff), it will need 8,656 HP for similar capabilities (Paraclete is 4x 541HP motors, 2,164 HP). First google result for how much power a 500 HP electric motor uses gives 375KW. If that ratio scales and is accurate to begin with, then it looks like full power use would be about 6500 KW... which is... wow... I mean seriously, if this back of the envelope calculation is anywhere in the ballpark at all... geez...

But hey, it's Abu Dhabi. They have plenty of oil and money to burn...

Wonder if it's big enough to do circles in a wingsuit without shutting the suit completely down...

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I wonder about the economics. I would think that you need four(or more) paying customers in it at a time. A conventionally sized tunnel can have a single paying customer. Getting groups of four,eight, or even sixteen paying customers in sufficient numbers to keep it going is going to be a challenge.

But this is in Dubai. Which is hosting this: https://www.wagdubai.ae/

So I guess it can be done anywhere, why not Dubai.

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*********No. Not Dubai. Abu Dhabi.

:D:D they're like 200km apart :PSeoul and Pyongyang are 200km apart. Does that make them "same thing" ?

Kiwi's are notoriously bad at geography.I will kick you in the nutz for that insult. Freakin kiwi rude frenchman>:(.
200km to an AUSSIE, is nothing, that's a tad shy of 2 hours travel time.
You are not now, nor will you ever be, good enough to not die in this sport (Sparky)
My Life ROCKS!
How's yours doing?

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