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I'd say that it may be reasonable to just make an instruction course for your buddies in one of the existing tunnels.

Iran, as any Arabian country (and as any country of course), is specific, so persons who will work with customers will need to know the language, to know and respect local habits and traditions etc. And, to be honest, I suppose that some just will not want to go because of the current political situation and war nearby.

Any physically fit and mentally sane :) person could be trained to be a good first-timer instructor in 2-3 weeks. So I'd say - take enthusiatic skydivers or just some good people who already know the language, know how to treat custoners properly - and train them in any good tunnel. For example, Flystation just hosted a training of French instructors and last month we finished with our own new staff, 4 guys, 2 girls.

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